Product news november

Product news november

Linde presents online version
Wiesbaden, Germany

The Linde truck data management (LFM) system now features an online module.
The new module will enable a variety of truck fleets to be managed from any computer connected to the Internet. The software for the LFM system has a single truck or fleet monitoring function to record how long the trucks are in use each day. An optional shock sensor records damage to prevent truck misuse while the access control function prevents unauthorised truck use.
Data recorded with LFM online regarding a vehicle inventory distributed across several locations can now be called up in its entirety for analysis. “You don’t need another member of staff on site to read out the data or sort out data transfer,” says Boris Schröder, product manager for IT solutions at Linde Material Handling.

Mitsubishi tow truck boasts enhanced ergonomics
Almere, the Netherlands

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has introduced the TBR30N tow truck to its warehouse range.
The truck shares many features with the OPB20NE low-level order picker, which won the Fork Lift Truck Association’s Ergonomics Award this year.
Designed for indoor use and mainly for the automotive sector, the TBR30N has a Maxius steering wheel, small turning circle with responsive steering, a compact chassis and a spacious operator compartment.

Interfit to launch phase 2
Lydney, United Kingdom

Interfit will unveil phase 2 of i-fit, its new concept online tyre service system, at the IMHX expo next week.
The system enables users to order tyres, schedule fitting and manage tyre replacement by giving detailed information on tyres fitted and hours in use.
Interfit managing director Paul Morey says i-fit gives complete control to service managers, allowing them to monitor tyre spend and performance across their fleets. “Powerful reporting functions using real-time data give in-depth detail and total visibility on a range of key performance measures that relate to both the products we fit and the service we deliver.”

JCB develops solution to meet legislation
Rocester, United Kingdom

JCB has launched the patented JCB Adaptive Load Control, a longitudinal load moment control system that complies with the new European regulation EN 15000, on all its Loadall, Teletruk and Telemaster models sold in Europe and countries requiring CE marking.
EN 15000 was introduced in Europe to reduce the likelihood of forward overturning of a variable reach truck performing stationary loading. Designed to protect operators, the Adaptive Load Control is automatically deactivated when the machine is on the move or has the boom fully retracted. It is reactivated when it stops travelling and has the boom extended. It cannot be activated or deactivated by the operator.

Cat’s new system saves time
Almere, the Netherlands

Cat Lift Trucks has introduced the Active Sway Control, a new system incorporated as standard on its high-level order pickers with maximum platform heights of 5.1 metres (16.7 feet) and over and available as an option on models with lower platform heights.
The software-driven system eliminates the time spent waiting for swaying masts to settle down, hence shaving off precious seconds for each and every pick. It works by calculating mast sway and providing a compensating movement to stop it in its tracks, controlling acceleration and braking to ensure the driver’s compartment remains stable at all heights.

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