Nuevas Carretillas Todo Terreno 4×4 Maximal

Nuevas Carretillas Todo Terreno 4×4 Maximal

Maximal won the Chinese well-known trademark certificate

Maximal is honored to win the Chinese well-known trademark (China Famous Trade Mark) certificate in July 2016. It refers to the certificate which authorized by the state organs (state administration for industry and commerce trademark office, the trademark review and adjudication board or the people’s court) in accordance with legal procedures and be identified as “well-known trademark” trademark.

According to the state rules, its connotation can be summarized as: in China widely known by the relevant public and highly reputable trademark.

We will continuously devoting ourselves to build “Maximal” to be one of the outstanding manufacturers in global industrial vehicles filed and concentrating on to be the most respectable forklift brand.


Maximal Forklift Ranking among World Forklift Industry

Maximal keeps the fourth year that becomes one of the worlds’ top 20 forklift manufacturer. It is original from American MMH 2014, revised by

Maximal catches the opportunity of the rapidly developing domestic forklift industry, making the outstanding achievements in the overseas markets. Maximal will constantly improve current products series and better quality of service, optimized the distribution network.

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