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Nueva Serie M de carretillas Maximal con motores Mitsubishi

Product range  2-3.5ton diesel and gasoline/LPG forklift Engine option Diesel: Yanmar 4TNE98 ,Mitsubishi S4S Gasoline/LPG: Nissan K25 Main Advantages Floating type transmission Floating safeguard with closed roof as standard High efficiency, lifting speed 20%-25% increased Hand brake with self lock  Convenient adjusting steering wheel increases angle to 8 Suspension hangs up type brake LED lights for Rear and signal Engine fan with protection net New instrument panel with 3.5” LCD display Wide view mast, 30mm wider than M model. Better finish and appearance Energy saving & Environmental protection Price USD1000.00 higher than M series forklifts in same specification. Delivery time 60 days after receipt deposit or LC

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